Few habits such as taking too much caffeine, staying up late at night, or excessive sugar consumption, may not be beneficial in order to lead a successful life. These habits may interrupt you to achieve your goals. There is nothing wrong with having habits, but a few habits may not work for you, these habits may be in form of addiction. These unwanted habits control our emotions, therefore sometimes it may be difficult for us to break these bad habits.

But with determination and the right attitude, it is definitely possible to break bad habits and acquire a healthy lifestyle!

In this blog, we will understand the 7 powerful ways to break bad habits in 2022!

Before Learn How to Break Bad Habits, Let Us Understand First How Do We Develop It?

Mostly it happens that these habits evolve because there is any reward attached to them, or maybe these habits make it easier for you to deal with certain emotions. A habit is formed from a “cue” or “trigger” that tells you to perform that habitual behavior then your brain processes the reward from that behavior. So if we work on the behavior part we can certainly break these habits.

Let’s dive into the Powerful Ways to break Bad habits and acquire the good ones!.

1. Identify your goal.

Firstly we should develop a desire for changing our life. Commitment is very important in order to break a habit loop. We must have the determination to break a habit loop. Breaking a habit loop can be a tough nut to crack, so it is very important to be clear in terms of your goal.

2. Understand your trigger.

Understand your emotional state, observe which emotion triggers you to perform that habitual behavior. Identify the rewards your brain is looking for, then you can find other ways through which you can seek the same reward. For example, you can observe when you crave sugar, what emotion triggers you to crave for sugar. Jot down those emotions, and what was going in your head.

3. Visualise your success

Now you have fully understood your trigger and reward. You should visualize yourself when you will fully conquer your bad habits. Visualize your new self. Maybe your habit is an interruption in order to achieve a goal. Visualize yourself achieving that goal. Imagine a situation where you will choose a better option.

4. Change your environments

Sometimes our environments cue us to perform certain habits. If we change our environment we will be able to be more aware and we will be less likely to get triggered. This leads me to 5th point.

5. Start being aware

Since you know your trigger and reward. Now you need to understand the power of self-awareness. If you observe yourself fully you will automatically know and identify your trigger and you will easily work on your behavior part.

6. Create hinderance in performing your habit.

It’s very simple if you have excessive sugar consumption habits just throw away all the cookies and sweets from your fridge. If your friend insists you have sugary food, or maybe you and your friend regularly visit a restaurant to have pastry in the name of chilling, just start saying no to that friend.

7. Replace your bad habit with a good one

Lastly, when you actively observe your triggers and rewards, you need to incorporate or rather replace the new productive habits. If you crave sugar replace it with pushups. Commit to yourself that when you will crave sugar you will do 5 pushups.

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